A protest is an allegation that a boat has broken a rule. See the definition Protest in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). The protest must be in writing and the protest contents are stipulated in RRS 61.2. Using a protest form, like the one found in the back of the rule book, helps guide the protestor in complying with the requirements of RRS 62.1. A full size protest form is available at the AYC Clubhouse Front Desk and may also be available at other locations stated in the sailing instructions. 

You may also download a PDF protest form by clicking on the link below.

Protest Form

The rules governing the event require that a protest be delivered within the protest time limit, 
to the location stated in the sailing instructions. See RRS 61.3. For most AYC events, a completed protest form may also be delivered electronically by email to A photo of the completed form is acceptable provided that it is legible. A good way to check legibility is to copy yourself when you send it and check the result. 

NOTE: Confirmation of the timely receipt of a protest form by the protest committee will be made by return email. 

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