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Important Upcoming Regatta Dates 

18-21 Jan - USODA Team Race Midwinters in St Pete FL
8-10 Feb - USODA Valentine's Regatta in St Pete, FL   
16-19 Feb - C420 Midwinters Jensen Beach, FL (Register Here)
1-3 March - USODA Sunshine State Champs in Jensen Beach, FL

Summer Race Teams Mandatory Parent Meetings

Mandatory parent meetings have been rescheduled for the summer racing programs.

Parents of both the Chesapeake Race Teams and Race Teams are required to attend one of the scheduled meetings for their sailor's fleet.

Meeting Room: Sailing Center AV Classroom or AYC Skipjack

Green Fleet and Red, White and Blue Race Teams
Monday January 28th at 6pm - Skipjack
Sunday February 10th at 11am- Sailing Center

Laser, Chesapeake 420 and 420 Race Teams
Tuesday February 5th at 6pm - Sailing Center
Sunday February 10th at 10am - Sailing Center

If you have any questions please email juniorfleet@annapolisyc.org

Junior Fleet

Opti program finishes 2018 sailing season strong with 1,2,3,5...

Bobby Lippincott, Opti Program Manager

Saturday, January 12th, 2019 was the annual CBYRA, Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association, Junior Awards. We had an awesome Team for the Summer 2018 CBYRA Sailing Season with over 16 RWB sailors, and over 16 Green Fleet sailors competing for the CBYRA High Point Series. We attended over 15 regattas around the Bay and across the East Coast. Traveling up and down from Cape Cod, MA to Miami, FL. Our Optimist Program sailors had an awesome experience traveling and training around the Bay and beyond making many new friendships along the way. Our Team showed their strength this past year, dominating most of the Chesapeake Bay events and eight of our sailors finished in the top ten of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association this past summer!

A big thank you goes out to our friends at SSA for stepping up to host. A big thanks also to all the Annapolis Yacht Club Opti Sailors for participating in so many regattas this past summer and performing so well at all these events. You all represented our burgee and we are extremely proud of you!

Congratulations to our Opti Sailors who won some remarkable awards over this past year:

Kyle Reinecke was our Maryland State Champion this Year!

Ava Cornell won the Joan Laurel Watts Memorial Trophy – This year’s award went to the 1st Place Female Winner in the Optimist Class at the Maryland State Championship.

Willem DeSimone won the 2018 Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association’s High Point Series!!!

Also like to congratulate our sailors who finished closely behind in 2nd and 3rd place this year! Congrats to Dylan Paglee for finishing 2nd place overall, and Kyle Reinecke for finishing 3rd Place Overall.

I would also like to recognize all those AYC sailors who competed in a minimum of 11 regattas:

• Dylan Paglee
• William Wrightson
• Christopher Draper
• Ava Arepally
• Robbie Wilmer
• Will Donald

I would like to recognize all those AYC sailors who competed in a minimum of 10 regattas:

• Willem DeSimone
• Kyle Reinecke
• Walker Angus
• Michael Yost
• Alders Kulynych–Irvin

CBYRA High Point Overall Standings and Results from our AYC Full Members and our JAM Members for Red, White, and Blue Fleet: (Finishes are out of a total 248 Optis)

• Willem DeSimone – 1st Place and 2018 High Point Winner for Optis – TAYC/AYC
• Dylan Paglee – 2nd Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Kyle Reinecke - 3rd Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Ava Cornell – 5th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• William Wrightson – 6th Place – TAYC/AYC
• Walker Angus – 7th Place – FBYC/AYC
• Madeline Amthor – 8th Place – FBYC/AYC
• Reed McAllister – 10th Place – FBYC/AYC
• Bo Angus – 14th Place – FBYC/AYC
• Christopher Draper – 17th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Ava Arepally – 18th Place – TAYC/AYC
• Campbell Conway – 22nd Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Luca DeSimone – 30th Place – TAYC/AYC
• Robbie Wilmer – 32nd Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Michael Yost – 37th Place – MRYC/AYC
• Marin Hodor – 39th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Alders Kulynych – Irvin – 40th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Maggie Mohler – 42nd Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Julian Dayiha – 47th Place – OCYC/AYC
• Will Donald – 48th Place – TAYC/AYC
• Chris McCollum – 49th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Beylen Gode- 52nd Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Robert Wolf – 56th Place – AYC/SSA
• Wynne Williams – 65th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Finley Heflin – 72nd Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Max Olson – 88th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Meredith Werblow – 89th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Michael Werblow – 103rd Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Max Miller – 105th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Mason Cook – 106th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club
• Clare Kammeier - 116th Place – Annapolis Yacht Club

CBYRA Opti Results

US Laser Nationals

On January 11th-14th AYC Member James Golden sailed in the US Laser Nationals, placing 45th out of 55 in one of the hardest fleets to sail in. He faced off versus multiple Olympians and other top sailors in the full rig fleet. Even with this tough competition his best finish was a 29th in the first race. James sails for the AYC Jr. Fleet summer race team as well as the St. Mary’s High School Sailing Team.  

Robby Meek also sailed the event, finishing 46th out of 84 in the radial fleet. He faced the same intense level competition as James. Both sailors should be congratulated for sailing at this level at a younger age, they showed that they can hold their own against some very experienced and talented sailors.

US Laser Nationals Results

Junior Associate Membership (JAM)

According to AYC's Bylaws, the JAM membership term ends on December 31 and needs to be annually renewed, should you wish to participate in that coming year's activities. 

The annual renewal email will be sent out to all JAM members from 2018 in the end of February to notify the Administrative Office that you plan to use your JAM number to register for the 2019 Programs.
The annual $50 membership fee will be included on your bill, following registration. If no notification is received to renew your JAM membership, the JAM number will be listed as inactive. 

Applies to sailors aged 7-18 at AYC except those ONLY in the High School Program. Children and grandchildren of Regular AYC members are NOT required to become JAMs. Regular AYC member pricing discounted 25% from JAM price (except HS). 

Click Here to Apply

Online ordering of Annapolis Yacht Club Junior Program Gear!

Please use the link below to order AYC Jr Sailing gear. We have paired with Team One Newport to have our own dedicated site where you can personalize your new gear! All orders, payment, and shipping happens in one place, enjoy!

Click here to access the AYC private page. 

Sample of product below:


420 and Opti Winter Regattas in Florida

If you would like to or are planning on attending a winter regatta in Florida, please let the Jr Staff know. We are in the final stages of planning for the regattas and we do not want anyone to be left out!                     
Please use the google doc links below to sign-up with AYC if your sailor is planning on attending any of the regattas. Each regatta is a separate tab on the bottom of the document. 

2019 Opti Regatta Sign-Up
2019 c420 Regatta Sign-up


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