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Summer Education Programs

Powerboat Certification

Ages: 13-18
Time: Monday - Friday (9 am - noon)
One-Week Sessions: 6/17-6/21, 6/24-6/28
Pricing: Member: $365.00 JAM: $450.00

This hands-on, on-the-water course is for anyone who wants to learn how to safely operate a small motorboat and improve their boat handling skills. No previous experience is required! Powerboat certification done in Club-owned powerboats, run by US Powerboat instructors. Participants are expected to take an exam to receive US Powerboating Certification at the end of the course.

*NEW* Seafarers

Ages: 12-18
Time: Monday - Friday (1 pm - 4 pm)
One-Week Sessions: 6/17-6/21, 6/24-6/28
Pricing: Member: $365.00 JAM: $450.00

This one week afternoon class will focus on both on-the-water and off-the-water skills. Sailors will be exposed to a wide range of activities from basic boat maintenance and repair to basic navigation, line-handling, anchoring, weather, harbor etiquette, and includes some middle to high school level STEM modules. This course will also review basics of sailing, teamwork, and safe boating practices. This class would be best suited for sailors who have taken basic sailing and/or intermediate sailing background.

*NEW* BAY Buddies

Buoyancy. Angles. Yachting.
Ages: 8-12
Time: Monday - Friday (1 pm - 4 pm)
Two-Week Sessions: 6/17-6/28, 7/8-719, 7/22-8/2, 8/5-8/16
Pricing: Member: $440.00 JAM: $535.00

This two week morning education based class will focus on the “whys and hows” of sailing. Sailors will use US Sailing Reach STEM based projects to better understand boating topics including weather and wind, ropes and pulleys, water and currents, sail shape, environmental impacts, and marine life. This class would be best suited for sailors who have an interest in the science of sailing. Sailors will be exposed to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects that are sailor focused, i.e. how weather affects sailors, how pulleys work, why sails are sized and shaped the way they are, why we have tides, and marine life exploration.

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