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AYC Wednesday Night Race Series
AYC Frostbite Series

AYC Wednesday Night Race Series

After seeing the Wednesday Night Races (WNR) at East Greenwich Yacht Club in Rhode Island in 1958, Past Commodore Gaither Scott inaugurated midweek racing at the Annapolis Yacht Club in 1959. There was no Race Committee for the initial events, nor were the races scored or prizes awarded. There was, however, a picnic supper after sailing.

Today, more than 125 yachts compete in the midweek festivities in a variety of handicap and one design classes. Eligibility for entry is based on the Notice of Race (NOR) and includes members of AYC and sister clubs in the greater Annapolis area as well as various CBYRA sanctioned classes. WNR, which runs from April through August, is made up of three series all scored separately with class trophies and overall performance awards presented in the fall. The first start is scheduled just after 6:00pm near the mouth of Spa Creek. A large number of spectator boats follow the racers around government and drop marks in the Bay then head back into Spa Creek to watch the finish in front of the Clubhouse at 2 Compromise Street. The finish draws a large spectator crowd both inside the Club and on the nearby Spa Creek drawbridge as well as various points of land within Annapolis Harbor.

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AYC Frostbite Series

The exact date for the genesis of the idea of the Frostbite Series seems to have been lost in a long line of martinis at the infamous Third Table but there is little doubt about its originators, Larry Newark and Al Bruce. While tossing around ideas on how to expand the Special Events Program sometime during the winter of 1962-1963, these members were bemoaning the wasted winter when most of the time the water was open. Then it came…why not have a Winter Series? Starting with the local Rainbow fleet , the first year five short course races were run each day in the immediate harbor. The starting line and finish was the Club Dock off of the porch. 

The second year five Gladiators were added and the rest is history. Over one hundred boats annually register for Frostbite which is split in to two series, the First Half beginning in early November through early December and then starting up again with the Second Half the first weekend of February through Mid March. Anywhere from 8-10 classes including both one design and PHRF fleets are split in to individual or blended class starts and it is rare that there are less than 40 boats on the starting line any given Sunday. Two races are run beginning mid-day and in between the Club keeps the bar open and offers a buffet with chili, soups, etc., to keep everyone cozy and warm. 

The “Hangover Bowl” is an offshoot of Frostbite but is scored separately. Starting on January 1, 1966 it has continued to be sailed on New Year’s Day. At the end of the Second Half an Awards party is held at the Club with class trophies and the awarding of perpetual trophies.
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