Protests, Penalties, Scoring Inquiries

Annapolis Yacht Club supports electronic submissions of protests, requests for redress, penalty acceptances, and scoring inquiries for most of our events.  Check the sailing instructions carefully for deadlines.

Usually, you can download the forms by clicking on the links below, and then submit the completed form electronically by email to A photo of the completed form is acceptable provided that it is legible. A good way to check legibility is to copy yourself when you send it and check the result. 

Paper copies of the forms are usually available at the AYC Clubhouse Front Desk and may also be available at other locations stated in the sailing instructions. 

NOTE: Confirmation of the timely receipt of a form by the appropriate race official (regatta manager, race committee, or protest committee) will be made by return email.
 Form Name (click on name to download) Purpose of Form
Protest Form

A protest is an allegation that a boat has broken a rule. See the definition Protest in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).  Similarly, a request for redress is a claim that a boat's score was made worse by an error of the race committee (and others).  

Both require a form to be submitted in writing and it can be the same form.  

The contents of a protest are stipulated in RRS 61.2.  The contents of a request for redress are described in RRS 62.2. Using a protest form, like the one found in the back of the rule book, helps guide the protestor in complying with the requirements of RRS 62.1.  
The rules governing the event require that a protest/redress request be delivered within the protest time limit, to the location stated in the sailing instructions. See RRS 61.3.
Wednesday Night / Frostbite Penalty Acceptance Form The AYC Frostbite and Wednesday Night Racing regattas replace the normal Turns Penalty with a set of Scoring Penalties that vary depending on the type of rule infraction.  We have a special WNR/FB Penalty Acceptance Form to help you (and the race office) determine the appropriate penalty.
Post-Race Penalty Acceptance Form 
(for events other than WNR and Frostbite)
At most other AYC regattas, you may be able take a post-race penalty when you did not take an appropriate penalty at the time of the incident (under RRS Appendix T or V).   To do so, you should will need to submit a standard Penalty Acceptance Form.

Scoring Inquiry Form
 If you believe that you have been incorrectly scored in a race (such as given a DNC when you know your finished, or scored in the wrong place), you should file a Scoring Inquiry Form.  

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