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How to Join

A candidate for membership must be sponsored by two Regular, Life, or Intermediate club members who have been members for at least three (3) years. The candidate’s personal and boating background will be reviewed as part of the application process. In addition, the candidate must obtain the endorsement of five additional club members.

Membership Inquiries

Tracie Parkinson

Junior Associate Membership

A person between the ages of 7 & 18 who is participating in AYC's Junior Fleet Program.

Junior Membership

A person between the ages of 16 & 30.

Intermediate Membership

A person between the ages of 30 & 35.

Regular Membership

A person over the age of 21.

Sponsoring a Member

Members who wish to sponsor a candidate for membership can obtain information on the application process from either the Members Only section of our website or from the Front Desk at the AYC Clubhouse. 

Membership Assistance

AYC is aware that some well qualified prospective members may be new to the area or not know a current member who can sponsor them for membership. The club has a membership development program to assist individuals who need assistance with sponsors. If you are interested in membership but do not know a potential sponsor, Contact Tracie Parkinson at

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