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High School

Currently, Annapolis Yacht Club supports five high school sailing programs: Annapolis HS, Indian Creek, Key School, St. Mary’s HS, and Severna Park HS. 

The 2020 Spring starts with tryouts for all five high schools, weather permitting. Tryouts will be held from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. To contact the High School coaches, please email [email protected].

2020 Tryout Dates

Register for Spring 2020 High School Sailing HERE

Key School and Indian Creek
March 3rd and 4th

Annapolis High School, Severna Park and St. Mary's
March 5th and 6th 

High School Sailing Handbook 

  • Spring 2020 Schedules
    • AYC High School Programs

      2020 Tryout Dates

      Key School and Indian Creek
      March 3rd  and 4th

      Annapolis High School, Severna Park and St. Mary's
      March 5th and 6th

      Weekly Practice Schedules

      Indian Creek, Key School, Pre JV
      Annapolis High, Severna Park, St. Mary's
      Varsity Invitational 
      Annapolis High, Severna Park, St. Mary's
      Indian Creek, Key School, Pre JV

      Regatta Schedules

      *Waitlisted for event


  • What to do Before Showing Up for Tryouts
      1. Register
      2. Complete Concussion Testing
        In order to participate in the AYC High School Sailing Program, each participant MUST complete a concussion baseline test prior to tryouts. This test must be updated every year. For information on the baseline test, please contact the Jr. Fleet Director, Bri Grenier at [email protected]
      3. Read the High School Sailing Handbook

      4. Subscribe to the google group email list by sending a blank email to [email protected] with your school name. 
        These google groups will be the primary source of contacting all High School sailors and parents. If you are not signed up as a part of the google group, then you will be out of the loop!
      5. Buy a drysuit (spring seasons). Drysuits are required whenever the water temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The drysuit must be in working condition without tears or ripped seals. Coaches and Regatta Organizers also hold the right to require drysuits at any given practice/regatta. Sailors will not be allowed to go out on the water if they do not wear a drysuit when it is required.
      6. Required Gear: Coast Guard Approved PFD (appropriate size), Whistle, Closed-Toed Shoes (Sneakers, Sailing Boots), if JV or Varsity - A sailing watch with a timer that counts down, Warm Fleece, Light base layers (non-cotton), top and bottom, a team pinnie (purchased from AYC for $25), a bailer (this is used to scoop water out of the boat while sailing. We recommend iced tea gallon jugs or laundry detergent containers. Just cut off the bottom of the jug (not the top where the cap is located), and lastly a plastic reusable water bottle. Please see the HS Sailing Handbook for a list of all recommended gear.
      7. Label Everything
  • About AYC's High School Sailing Program
    • High School sailing closely parallels the collegiate sailing format and all teams training at AYC are part of the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA). Specifically, Annapolis-area teams are part of the Central League of the Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Sailing Association (MASSA) District and the Maryland Scholastic Sailing Association (MDISA).

      Most high school sailing is done in 420s, FJs, or similar double-handed boats. High school sailing does have a singlehanded National Championship - the Cressy Trophy held each Fall in Lasers and Laser Radials. The focus of the AYC high school program is on doublehanded sailing, but we will support any sailors with experience interested in qualifying for the Cressy.

      As well as daily coaching at practices, AYC provides coaching at weekend regattas. JV teams typically travel to local events lasting one day. Varsity teams attend local events and travel to venues requiring overnight stays several times a season. Organization of all local and overnight trips is the responsibility of team captains and parents. Tuition covers all coaching expenses for regattas during the regular season. Additional coaching fees apply for teams participating in the National Championships and other post-season events such as the Atlantic Coast Championship and Great Oaks Regatta. Tuition also covers the use of the 18 club-owned 420s.

      Pre-JV, JV and Varsity
      Coaches divide high school teams into Varsity and Junior Varsity teams based on observed performance and personal knowledge regarding skill levels This division is somewhat flexible and is for competitions only – JV and Varsity practice together. These planned practice days are tentative and subject to change based on enrollment of each team.

      Fall and Spring Seasons
      Teams participate in a number of regattas throughout the Fall and Spring seasons. The Fall season runs from September to November and the Spring season from March to May. The end of each season culminates in a District Championship and in the Spring, for those teams that qualify, the National Fleet Racing Championship (Mallory Cup) and National Team Racing Championship (Baker Cup).

      Fleet Racing
      For fleet racing, teams are divided into A and B divisions comprised of different skippers and crews for each division. Teams may substitute sailors as long as prescribed substitution rules are followed. Short courses are used, typically windward-leeward with a gate. Course completion times average 18 minutes. Except in rare cases, only one fleet is on the water at a time. Two races are completed and then divisions switch, and the boat being sailed by each team is rotated. This allows for coaching and a break. Boat rotation eliminates the possibility of any team having an advantage because of an inherently faster boat.

      Team Racing
      In Team Racing events, each team fields three boats to sail against three boats from another team. Teammates work together to outmaneuver the other team so that their combined race scores are better than the other team's combined scores.

      For more information, or to see if your high school team can train at AYC, contact the Junior Fleet office via phone at (410) 263-9267 or email at [email protected].

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