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Race Office

This is the electronic home of the Annapolis Yacht Club Race Office.

  • Useful Documents - Ratings Information, Helpful Links
  • Protests, Scoring Inquiries, Penalty Acceptance Forms
    • Scoring Inquiry Form
      If you believe that you have been incorrectly scored in a race (such as given a DNC when you know you finished, or scored in the wrong place), you should file a Scoring Inquiry Form.

      Penalty Acceptance Form (for all AYC regattas including WNR and Frostbite)
      Use this form to take a Scoring Penalty in accordance with (a) the SI's for AYC's Wednesday Night or Frostbite Regattas; or (b) other events where RRS Appendix T1; or (c) RRS/US Appendix V2 are enabled. It is your responsibility to check the SI's for the event if it is not Wednesday Nights or Frostbiting to see if a Scoring Penalty applies to your incident.

      Protest or Request for Redress Form (for all AYC regattas including WNR and Frostbite)
      A protest is an allegation that a boat has broken a rule. See the definition Protest in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). Similarly, a request for redress is a claim that a boat's score was made worse by an error of the race committee (and others).

      Both require a form to be submitted in writing and it can be the same form. You should consult your rulebook, especially RRS 61 and 62, for guidance on how do this right.

  • Race Committee
    • The Annapolis Yacht Club Race Committee is responsible for running all of the "adult" sailboat racing that is hosted by AYC. The race committee also runs junior championships. Weekend regattas and championships usually happen between April and early November. The Wednesday Night Racing series runs from the last Wednesday in April until Labor Day. The winter Frostbite Series traditionally starts the first Sunday in November and runs through last Sunday before Christmas, then starts up again the first Sunday in February through the end of March. We host a special, fun day of racing on New Year's Day known as the Hangover Bowl. The Race Committee is on the water a minimum of 35 days for the annually scheduled weekend events, another 10-15 days for championship regattas hosted by the Club, and about another 25 Wednesday and Sundays.

      The social aspect of Race Committee is great fun, as you’ll get to know fellow members of the Club who give up their time to ensure that the sailors get not only a large quantity of races BUT most importantly, quality races. Post racing for most events there is a social function at the Club and Race Committee members are welcome.

      Click here to log-in to our RC Volunteer Service Site (hosted by CERVIS) to register to serve on race committee, or review/edit your prior commitments.

  • Protest Committee
    • Annapolis Yacht Club has a long and distinguished history of excellent race management which includes the AYC Protest Committee. AYC is proud to have a long list of internationally recognized judges who have served on this committee over the years, including Sandy Grosvenor, Joe Krolak, Jack Lynch, Gaither Scott, and Ron Ward, who was a member of the first US Sailing Judges Committee which created the judge certification program that became the model for the International Judges program.

      Under the Racing Rules of Sailing, a protest committee is appointed for every regatta, either by the organizing authority, which is usually the Annapolis Yacht Club, or by the race committee. The number of judges or umpires serving the event is determined by the type and size of the event, and the AYC Protest Committee is the primary source for those race officials. Our jobs extend beyond hearing protests or umpiring races. We also provide support for the race committee and help sailors apply the rules.

      All Annapolis Yacht Club Protest Committee members are experienced racing sailors. Most are trained and certified by US Sailing, while others have a good knowledge of the racing rules and are working toward US Sailing certification. AYC judges and umpires have served in the America's Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race, the Olympic Games, and many world championships

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