Bridging Three Centuries

Explore the history of Annapolis Yacht Club, narrated by Gary Jobson.


AYC Celebrates 125 Years

Peter Thornton shares his personal video taken at the daytime festivities held Saturday, June 25. Part One includes the activities of the day: Harbor 20 and Herreshoff Regattas, fishing, the water slide, rope toss, and Marlinspike competition. Part Two shows the awards and burial of our time capsule.
 Part One                    Part Two


AYC Remembers

This video, narrated by Maureen Torgerson, played before the opening of the "AYC Remembers" exhibit held Tuesday, March 23, 2010.


Star Worlds 2000

RC Chairman Chip Thayer, P/C Art Libby (2000-01), and V/C Kevin McNeil reflect on the Star Worlds 2000 which were held in Annapolis. Chip Thayer credits the performance of our Race Committee on this event with the start of an era in which the Chesapeake Bay became a desirable destination for major regattas and world championships and AYC became recognized internationally as a preferred host for these events.

The Race Committee

P/Cs Ron Ward, Peter Gordon, and RC Chair Chip Thayer talk about the history of the RC with P/C Gaither Scott’s early contributions. P/Cs Ward and Gordon credit Chip with boosting teamwork and commitment to the RC, raising its performance to a higher level. Thayer credits his success to the members’ tradition of valuing RC work at AYC.


The Future

Gary Jobson, P/C Ron Ward, RC Chair Chip Thayer, Howard Brooks, R/C Kevin McNeil, and P/C Peter Gordon talk about the future in terms of opportunities for racing, the family concept, and other innovative ideas while being true to the heritage of the club.

A Formal Club

The old clubhouse didn't have air conditioning but it was quite formal. Hear what Lester Trott and P/C Sunny Smith remember about those days of AYC's history and enjoy the shots of members and their families all decked out in their finest attire. Maybe you'll see someone you recognize.



C.E. Hartman II, Gary Jobson, and Jack Lynch share their memories of sailing in the 50s, 60s, and 70s and how Annapolis, once a quiet town, and AYC have seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last 60 years.


Junior Sailing

AYC's Junior Sailing program is one of the best in the country. Hear what P/C Ron Ward, Lester Trott, and P/C Sunny Smith have to say about the origins of our Junior Fleet with some interesting commentary on the Hampton class. 



The Cruising Fleet is one of AYC’s most active groups. Listen to Tom Corboy’s description of the activities and philosophies of the Cruising Fleet. P/C Ron Ward, R/C Kevin McNeil, and dedicated member Howard Brooks share their insights and pay tribute to Bill Patterson and many others who have worked to make this group so vibrant.


AYC is internationally recognized for the calibre of their racing committees. P/C Sunny Smith, P/C Ron Ward, and long-time member Lester Trott provide their commentaries on racing on the Chesapeake and the history of AYC's influence in the world of regattas.


Arnie Gay

P/C Stephen Hiltabidle, A. W. Patterson, P/C Ron Ward, C. E. Hartman II, P/C Sunny Smith, and Jack Lynch reflect on their friendships with Arnie Gay, Commodore in 1968 and 1969, and share memories of racing with and against him. Commodore Gay was seen as a motivating force and a mentor for a generation of sailors.

A New Clubhouse

This interesting video chronicles the building of the current clubhouse. P/C Sunny Smith, Lester Trott, and P/C Ron Ward share their memories about this part of AYC history.


America's Sailing Capital

Now here's a fun video touting Annapolis as America's Sailing Capital. Gary Jobson, P/C Sunny Smith, and P/C Art Libby all agree that it is a well deserved moniker.

Annapolis to Newport

If you enjoyed reading Lester Trott's interview in the premiere issue of the Annapolis Yacht Club Beacon, watch this brief video to hear him talk about how he enticed WMAR-TV and the Coast Guard to provide the first air, land, and sea coverage of a blue water race. P/C Sunny Smith introduces this clip with his memories of the Annapolis to Newport race history. 


P/C Ron Ward

September 8, 2015, AYC Historian Mark Kiefaber filmed this interview with Past Commodore Ron Ward, whose two-year term occurred in 1982-83.

  P/C Sunny Smith

On December 4, 2015, Mark Kiefaber, AYC Historian, filmed this interview with Sunny Smith, AYC Commodore in 1972 and 1973.

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